Here comes the bride!


I am getting married!!! I am so overwhelmingly grateful for the man I’ll get to call my husband in 163 days. He’s my person, my confidant, and my joy. He keeps me laughing constantly with his boyish grin and outlandish ideas. He puts up with my over-the-top plans and listens when I talk. He’s the ultimate male communicator, an endangered species among his kind.

I have loved every minute of planning our wedding, even though I may be prone to stressing Daniel out with the details. Who ever heard of the groom getting stressed over the ceremony flower decisions?  We have lots of items booked, and the day is coming together quickly. Lots of little details are now being decided; bridesmaid’s earrings, what shoes will I wear?

We are headed to Hawaii on our honeymoon, and I am thrilled! We’ll get to go on vacation together for the first time ever. I’ve never been to Hawaii, and Daniel was only there for a short time when he was a kid. Both of us are itching to travel a lot in the future and really take advantage of the time we have together. If you have any suggestions on places you have loved or if you have any wedding advice, feel free to comment!



What a Difference Two Short Months can Make.


It has been five months since my last post. I’ve certainly missed writing things down. It’s somehow therapeutic and leaves me feeling like I’ve lifted a burden off my shoulders. It’s sometimes confusing when you have so many thoughts rolling around in your head; that its nice to just lay them out sometimes.

My life could not be more different right now that it was two months ago. I have been hired by an amazing company (using my degree!). I have moved back into my parents home (supposedly temporarily), and my momma has been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

The day of my last shift at my former job, November 21, Mom called and told me her news. She has been SO CALM throughout this whole event. In her sweet and always unselfish way, she told me that she felt so bad to have to give me negative news in light of such positive events happening in my life right now. Throughout this whole ordeal, I couldn’t help but think, this really stinks. She’s a really wonderful lady, and she’s an amazing momma and wife. It’s just not fair that she has to deal with this frustration.

Everything is progressing, however. The doctors caught it very early and it is very small. We are hopeful in the coming weeks that with some radiation and lots of prayer, she’ll be as good as new.

In the meantime, adjusting to life with everyone being under the same roof again has been interesting. For starters, boxes are still EVERYWHERE. I’m tripping over them and I just can’t seem to find enough room to store everything. I was going to take a picture of the box madness and insert it, but honestly, it’s just too embarrassing at this point. Lots of positives however:

1. My daddy has gotten up and fixed my breakfast almost every morning for me to drive the hour to work.

2. A hot supper is waiting on me after I have driven the hour back home from work.

3. Puddin’, our lovable collie, greets me as I walk in the door with a big smile and a hand/paw shake…except in the mornings when I leave at 7 am, and then she’s curled up snoozing in her crate with no interest in playing or even saying hello.

4. Laughing and cutting up with my family is definitely something that I’m enjoying.

5. I love my new job and the people with whom I work are amazing.

So, there’s my little life update. If you see me in person, a hug would be wonderful. If you’re a praying person, I would so very much  love a prayer for healing, wisdom, and guidance for my family. If you’re not a praying person, would you do it just this once for me? 😉 Have a wonderful start to your week tomorrow! Xxxx!     

Leading by Example


Working at a makeup counter, you learn about people in a very personal manner. You learn their habits, traits, insecurities and concerns. Sometimes you develop an in-depth relationship with that person. You learn about their home life, whether they are married or have children. All too often, however, I find that so many of my customers have one thing in common, they put themselves down and criticize themselves in the worst possible light.

This is honestly heartbreaking, for me. These put downs come in the form of more than just a concern, it is usually an all out look in the mirror to sigh and to bring to light a flaw that they have found only to put themselves down. “Look at these gross wrinkles. I used to have such nice skin.” “My eyes just sag to the point that I cant even see where my eye shadow is anymore.” “Look at this sunspot. I guess that will be a nice visit to the dermatologist.” “My eyelashes are so short. I can’t do anything with them.”

So many times these women are incredibly beautiful. They have features that are so lovely yet these features are completely being ignored. The real fear is that it seems this trend of bashing at the counter only continues in generations. Daughters hear and see their mothers obsessing over the smallest imperfection and find things on themselves to be overly critical of, creating a new generation of nit-pickers.

Estee Lauder once said something to the tune that there are no ugly women, just lazy ones. Let that thought sink in for a moment…I am amazed by this statement because it is so true. We are made in the image of a God who loves us so much, He created us and knew us before time was ever in existence. He did not make a mistake on any part of us. We need to know that there is a generation younger than us that absorbs everything we say.

Do what you can to make the most of what God gave you and revel in the beautiful creature that you are. 

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My favorite holiday


My favorite holiday has always been the fourth of July. I remember childhood days of watching parades and my family coming over to my house and sitting on the front porch to watch the city’s fireworks display. You could watch the fireworks over the tops of the trees and eat a bowl of homemade ice cream.

The reason that I love this holiday so much is that it’s relatively stress-free and relaxing. It’s a day for good food, being outside, and remember the independence of our country. Living in Georgia, with hot summers, it is so nice to bite into a cool piece of watermelon or lounge by the pool. People get together and sit on blankets watching the fireworks at night and sometimes getting to snuggle beside your special someone. Even if it rains tomorrow, I’ll enjoy the holiday as always. Happy 4th everyone! I’ve included a link to one of my favorite fourth of July scenes. It’s not great quality but I think most of you will remember it anyway 🙂

“I’m gonna’ be somebody someday”


I am finished! It is done! I officially hold a master’s degree in my hand. (well…the university is mailing it sometime in the next few weeks) woohoo hallelujah!

Looking back over my time in graduate school, there were many days that I wondered where everything I was learning would be taking me. I have truly learned so many lessons in two years. Being completely honest, many of those lessons revolved more around life than those learned in a classroom. I had a teacher in high school that said, “the more he learned, the more he realized there was so much more that he did not know.” I’ve always remembered what he said and I definitely could not agree more. I left high school feeling like I really knew something and now that I’ve achieved this big, fancy degree, I find myself learning that there’s a lot more in life that I still don’t know.

Now that I have found myself at this brand new beginning in life, I have a million emotions fluttering around. For the first time in 21 years, I don’t have an assignment that has to be done or a grade that needs to be worked toward. While this feeling is extremely liberating, it is also incredibly scary. I’m excited to find this next chapter in life, but life at the moment is also the most uncertain it has ever been.

I am content however, in the thought and the idea that comes from the old Travis Tritt song, “I’m gonna’ be somebody someday”. There are so many definitions of success. Some measure worth by how much money is made, or how many friends they have, or how great a mom they are, or sometimes even in spiritual growth. The truth is that I have big plans and big dreams and I have always had goals in mind. No matter where the road bends or whether my goals and dreams are altered, I’m a big believer in the idea that I’m here on earth for a reason.

So, I’m going into this new chapter of life as a big girl, making big girls decisions and achieving big girl dreams. Don’t be surprised though if you see my name in lights one day!

“I’m gonna’ be somebody. One of these days I’m gonna’ break these chains. I’m gonna’ be somebody, someday. You can bet your hard-earned dollar I will.”

Getting Ready for Work


I’m not sure why it is so difficult for me to get out the door in time for work. I have tried valiantly to come up with several different tactics to improve my time…packing my lunch ahead of time, laying out my clothes, etc. All of these ideas have been great in theory but I somehow manage to mess them up. It doesn’t matter what time I start getting ready, I am consistently running out the door praying that the nine red lights it takes me to get to work are all green.

Part of the issue with going to work is just’s work. While it is sometimes fun once you get there, it is not always the first choice of somewhere to be. Apart from what I’m sure everyone thinks, retail is not always fun (haha). I really am grateful for my job. It has come in handy and taught me some much needed patience. I’ve come to realize a lot of the issue comes from attitude. You have to have the right attitude to make a not so glamorous situation better.

I have recently acquired some absolutely amazing and indulgent scents from Jo Malone. (I also recently found out that the president of this company is also the president of my dear Bobbi Brown Cosmetics). Somehow using the body wash, and moisturizing in the lotion makes my morning better. Thus, in turn making my time at work and my attitude for that matter better. I also find a nice manicure and pedicure help too 🙂

I’m not sure that this amount of pampering and indulgence do anything to affect my time getting to work, but I’ve found they work wonders on my general day. I hope you have a wonderful day and do what makes you feel special, even if your day isn’t filled with your favorite activities.

After while Crocodile!


New Year. New Possibilities.


Happy New Year Everyone!

Part of me just cannot believe that January is here. I love the beginning of a new year. Fresh resolutions, fresh determination, and fresh attitudes about life surround me. 2012 brought lots of moments (both positive and negative), but I’m grateful for each one of them. I honestly feel like even though some excerpts of life can be hard, they have taught be a valuable lesson I’ll carry with me into the future. Life is about mistakes, success and failure. How mediocre would life be if it always went exactly the way you envisioned it.

I’m taking what I’ve learned and moving confidently into the future. I’ve committed several resolutions to plan as well..and holding myself to them. Obviously, personal goals are always good, but I’ve got lots of big plans for this year actually. Several of them are:

1. Finish Graduate School

2. Continue on a career path..que sera sera

3. Travel somewhere I’ve never been.

4. Cook something I’ve never made.

5. Buy that Nars Laguna bronzer I’ve always wanted to try.

More often than not, life is about the little things. It is the day to day moments that add up to be amazing periods in time. I know I’ve said it often, but I’ll say it one more time. I’m so blessed. I wasn’t promised today, but I still got to wake up in a warm bed, with a roof over my head. I laughed with good friends at work today and I was fortunate enough to pay the bill for next semester’s tuition. Those blessing alone make me one of the richest women.

I leave you with warm blessing for a blessed new year!…and a picture of what Laguna Bronzer actually is 🙂